Comparative statistics of the Cultural and Creative Sectors in the Spanish regions

LOCALCOM Research Group measures for the first time the disaggregated weight of the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCSs) in the Spanish regions. The project establishes the imbalances between the communities, measures the negative effects of the crisis on the sector and identifies the poles of greater development and potentiality.

An extensive database with more than 26,000 statistical data has been generated: 18,300 original data on ICCs and about 8,000 data from external sources scattered so far in multiple entities (statistical institutes, ministries, associations, trade associations, etc.). [+]

Know more about the LOCALCOM Statistical Model of the Cultural and Creative Industries

Madrid Leadership at CCI

Academic article, based on the MELICC statistics, shows that the Community of Madrid is the Spanish region with the greatest impact and economic contribution in the field of CCI. [+]





CCI and  crisis in Aragon

Researchers from the LOCALCOM group have published in the Latina magazine Nº72 a paper describing the effects of the last economic crisis on the cultural and creative industries of Aragon. [+]

Index of opportunities, infraestructures and digital uses

Available for consultation online the updated historical series of the LOCALCOM index. [+]
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