The University of World Economy and Diplomacy (UWED) is a public institution which provides education that serves the interests of foreign policy of Uzbekistan and contributes to the development of society. UWED provides undergraduate, grade and post grade education in the areas of International Economy, International Law and International Relations. There are 3 departments, 18 chair departments, 8 centres, with 16 full professors, more than 70 holders of Dr or PhD degrees, 55 associate professors and 87 qualified faculty members. By National Quality Assurance Agency the university is considered one of the best in Uzbekistan. University maintains a dialogue with European partners in supporting the long-term integration of quality assurance practices in line with Pan-European Standards. UWED established partnership with a number of universities in Europe, Asia. Developing international partnerships especially with EU Universities in UWED is key priority for Uzbek Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


More information: www.uwed.uz

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