Study and know-how exchange visit to Coventry University


The second event dedicated to INOCAST implementation took place in Coventry University premises from June 30th to July 3rd 2014. The study visit included presentations and knowledge sharing opportunities concerning the theoretical aspects of UBC relationships as well as some practical examples of innovation catalyzation (business incubators, technology transfer, commercialization of science etc).


INOCAST Partners - COVUNI Meeting

The aim of the visit was to provide practical overview of EU partners´experience, with special focus on the Coventry University UBC model. Partners attending the visit had the opportunity to explore diferent models of university-based industry liaison structures, while further mutual understanding of key concepts at the strategic level was facilitated.

During the worskshop sessions, CA partners were actively involved in providing input into the design of the Training Programme, being also engaged in multiple discussions with a wide range of Coventry University staff and stakeholders involved in innovation activity.

INOCAST partners visited several key initiatives and premises such as the Serious Games Institute, Health Design and Technology Institute, the Institute for Creative Enterprises, the HUB/Institute for Applied Entrepreneurship, Birmingham Science Park (Aston).

Plenary discussions were organized after each session to summarize the outputs and get the  feedback on the topic in question.

All INOCAST partners had a chance to visit Birmingham Council House and were received by the Lord Mayor of Coventry, Councillor Hazel Noonan.

Group working was another successful way of information exchange and brainstorming. CA partners outlined their strategy for establishing an Innolab.

One of the sessions was devoted to progress with INOCAST implementation where Project Coordinator described the state of the art, deliverables achieved and on-going with further steps to follow. Special emphasis was made on administrative and financial issues. Question-answer session was very fruitfull for all the participants.

The study visit ended with the case studies and European success stories about Innolab implementation.


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