The aim of setting up the INOCAST Innovation Network is to create a platform of exchange of experiences, information, good practices and resources with a view to fostering a regular dialog and coaching among universities and business sector on cooperation activities, fostering the development of collaborative projects with the industry through the catalyzation action of the Innovation Laboratories. At a later stage after the implementation of the project, and based on the effective operation of the Innovation Laboratories, the network should foster the creation of new collaborative research applications in order to maximize the impact and minimize the costs. Further activities such as network competitions to solve specific research problems will be included in the Network mid-term activity Plan.

To achieve this objective, INOCAST network will be built on the concept of Global-Local Community of Interest to Market: being those composed by local-regional stakeholders (public authorities, HEIs, development or research centers, business support organizations, SMEs, industry and entrepreneur associations and other relevant actors), building up the capabilities of these end users and clients to access the expected business opportunities of the Innovation Laboratories.

The INOCAST network to be structured will serve as a sustainable supra-regional platform for exchange of experiences and good practices, with a view to fostering a regular dialog among HEIs and business sector based on mutual understanding and increased awareness.

The following outcomes and outputs will be realized:

  • Establishment of the Innovation Network
  • Enhanced Human Capacity at the 14 CA Universities
  • Pilot preparation of the 14 Innolabs
  • Infrastructural, institutional establishment and operation of the 14 Innolabs
  • Development of an innovation culture amongst University community
  • Creation of an organizational development and institutional strategy for innovation in the knowledge triangle
  • Increasing public awareness and dissemination of project results
  • Ensuring sustainability of project results
  • Quality Control & Project Management throughout the project duration
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