KIMEP is the leading business school in Central Asia. Its mission was and is to develop the cadre to enable Kazakhstan to transform from a closed command economy and communist society to an open and dynamic market economy and civic society. KIMEP is ranked #1 in the social sciences, economics, business, public administration and local government management by the Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science. 5,740 Students have graduated from KIMEP since 1992. Most of them found employment at multinationals based in Kazakhstan and leading Kazakh companies and government organizations. KIMEP has close ties with public and private enterprises in terms of exchange of information, correcting and changing their economic development strategies, research output recommendations for practical use, internship of students, and employability of its graduates.

KIMEP University will work to create a fully operational Innovation Lab to stimulate public research and support knowledge and technology transfer into the business and industry through faculty members experienced in research and rich partnership ties with local and international corporations in Kazakhstan. KIMEP will be strongly contributing to identify and create G-local Communities of Interest to Market, support the framework and strategy conceptualization to the Innovation Network, provide experience and assure local needs tackling when defining the training modules, participate in the capacity building programme.


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