Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications (KazATC) is a leading institution for training specialists for the transport and communications and the economy. The history of KazATC dates back to 1931, when the Educational Consulting Office of the Central Asian Institute of Railway Engineers (located in Tashkent) was founded in Almaty. Today, KazATC is a specialized higher technical school in Kazakhstan for training staff for the railway industry (including city electro transport and underground) and automobile transport, specialists on information technology and telecommunications, as well as on financial and economical structures of the country.  The educational -scientific process is conducted at KazATC by a very qualified faculty staff. For its nature, KazATC is a service oriented institute, aimed at building up synergies with the industrial tissue. The Academy has a close INOCAST with enterprises and customers. Especially significant is the close cooperation with the largest national company: Kazakhstan Railways.


More information: www.kazatk.kz

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