International University of Kyrgyzstan (IUK) is a public university which trains high qualified specialists. Structure of  the university, includes  all steps of  multilevel  education, starting  from first level of incomplete high education ( American analogue of Community College) allows further  learning  at colleges  of IUK  (incomplete  high education, secondary special education) then at High Schools  of IUK( high education with diploma of Bachelor degree and Specialist) and further  at Magistrates, Postgraduate and PhD. The main directions of university activities allow to connect successfully  accumulated experience of  educational science work for  entering  in world community which  undertakes the task  before university to prepare  specialists  capable  for working to international standards. IUK signed the worldwide Magna Charter Universitatum (Bologna Declaration) in 2002. University issue Diploma Supplement of European standard affirmirming the quality of education at IUK.


More information: www.iuk.kg

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