INOCAST Infoday at IUK


The main goal of this INFO day was to  introduce academic staff and students  with the INOCAST project, the main objectives and outcomes, current achievements and future perspectives.

The programme consisted of three main parts:

The first part  started with the welcome of the participants by the Vice-president of International Affairs of IUK – Akylbekova Bubugulsun. She  presented the INOCAST Team and shared common information  about project aims, main outputs and future perspectives.

In the second part of INFODAY The INOCAST researcher   Dr. Mirkin E. gave a Description of  an  INNOLAB, especially he explained  The concept of the Triple Helix. He also spoke about the research that he made on the basis of innolab, the introduction with research  followed by presentation. He mentioned that to be a successful Innolab, it is necessary to collaborate with stakeholders - researchers - government.

The conclusion of meeting made by Head of International Office- Mustakova Sabira. She spoke about potential stakeholders and customers of Innolab.Also she mentioned that, The IUK Innolab will unite the stakeholders and researches  to  produce innovative services and goods.

In general, info day was conducted successfully, those present ware interested in the project and expressed their willing to implement their researching to the IUK Innolab. At the end of the meeting all participants received leaflets with information about INOCAST Project.


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