INOCAST First Workshop - Bishkek - Kyrgyzstan


The workshop took place in 2 partner universities – IUK and KSTU premises.

The main lecturers for the workshop were Dr. Piera, full time Professor in the System Engineering Department at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Mr. Jaumandreu, Senior Adviser and Lecturer on Innovation Strategic and Commercial Management and Mr. Leal, Research Development Manager in the Telecommunication Department of UAB.

The workshop agenda consisted of 6 main sessions with 1 special session on WP3 implementation and Project Management Board meeting. 36 participants from INOCAST partner universities took part in the workshop. Moreover, the workshop was open for Master students and researchers from IUK and KSTU as well.

The workshop was organized in such a way that participants could benefit from theoretical as well as practical sessions, group work, discussions.

At the end of the workshop every participant filled in the evaluation form in order to assess the workshop from different perspectives.

It was just the first workshop within INOCAST project, 2 more workshops will follow in 2015.

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