Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) acts as Coordinating institution of the INOCAST project, therefore having the overall technical, administrative and financial responsibility for the organization, planning and controlling of the project.

 In addition to this role, based upon the wide experience in project management coordination of the key personnel involved in the project, UAB will be actively involved in all main tasks and deliverables throughout the project life, UAB also will be in charge of assuring the implementation of all the transversal work packages in the project.

The key people involved in the project management and coordination of INOCAST project are:

Mr. Xavier Leal, holds a BSc in Political Science (UAB) and is in process of attaining a BSc in Economics and Management (London School of Economics). He has a Master in Aeronautical Management (UAB), and a Masters in Project Management (Business Engineering School La Salle). His current job position is Research Development Manager in the Telecommunications Department of UAB, being responsible of managing all research related activity of the Unit of Logistics and Aeronautics and TICAM (Technical Innovation Cluster on Aeronautic Management). He is specialized in innovation process analysis at firm, national and system levels. He has participated in a number of EC funded projects as technical advisor and financial controller, being an experienced project manager. As senior project manager, Xavier will be in charge of the overall monitoring and direction of all project related activities at technical, financial, administrative and legal levels.

Dr. Miquel Angel Piera is full time Professor in the System Engineering Department at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Graduated with excellence from UAB in Computer Engineering (1988), Msc from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology in Control Engineering (1991), and PhD from UAB in 1993. Dr Piera is UAB delegate for Technical Innovation Cluster, deputy director of the UAB Engineering School and director of LogiSim (research group on Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems). He is member of the Editorial Board of 3 international journals, Editor in Chief of IJBRM and coordinator of the Spanish CEA-IFAC research team on Modeling and Simulation. He has coordinated as Scientific Coordinator more than 10 Spanish research projects and more than 20 Industrial funded projects, he has also participated in a number of EC funded research and academic.
Dr. Piera will act as senior officer and formal project coordinator on behalf of UAB for the INOCAST project.




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