From the research carried out we have developed a number of technologies that are being used in real applications produced by our spinoffs or by our partners. CEPHIS offers technologies which are related to the many applied research lines and activities developped by its members within IT and Communication technologies:

  • Multiprocessing and parallel programming
  • Embedded Platforms and GPUs
  • Microelectronic system design, implementation and virtualization
  • Printed and flexible microelectronics (TOLAE)
  • Payment through NFC and RFID technologies
  • Wireless M2M Networks for Smart Cities
  • IT technology for electronic health
  • Electronics for smart textiles
  • Interactive and 3D SmartTV
  • Multiformat and multiplatform content generation (TV, mobile, internet)
  • Mobile apps (android, iphone, nokia, google...)
  • Speech processing for embedded applications
  • Virtual reality apps and graphic modelling
  • Augmented reality apps
  • Videogame design and technology
  • Media content analysis from user-centered modelling
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