Scholarships and grants

During the academic year the UAB publishes the funding calls for upcoming scholarships. You'll find more information at: Financial aids, grants and calls.

Although we try to collect information about all the funding calls, different organisations and institutions publish their calls according to their areas of interest or the specificity of the topic. It is therefore important that you check with your supervisor so that they can keep you informed of the opportunities that arise.

In addition, we encourage you to also look for announcements of scholarships and discuss them with your manager.

MAEC-AECI Scholarships

If you need a pre-admission letter, follow the standard procedure of acceptance. Complete the form available on the website and attach the required documentation (at this stage it is not required to include a PhD supervisor). The PhD Committee will evaluate the proposal and, if accepted, send the information to the Graduate School. The Graduate School at UAB will then issue a letter of pre-admission.


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