Research groups

According to their specialisation CAIAC members belong to:

- TransMedia Catalonia SGR group 

- Cephis research group

- Other SGRs at UAB:

  • Modelling and Graphic Visualization Research Group: it belongs to the UAB Computer Sciences Department. Its main target is the modelling and visualization from the mathematic point of view in biomedical and learning environments, taking into consideration the user interaction which is really necessary under virtual and augmented reality environments.

  • Phonetics Research Group : it belongs to the UAB Spanish Philology Departament, and it's recognized as a research group inside the UAB (Code: 1364). Its main target is to study the speech comunication from a linguistical point of view, specially oriented to the phonetic field and  its applications.

  • Image, Sound and Synthesis Research Group: it's a UAB research group, recognized also by the Catalan Government (Group 2009SGR1013) and founded in 1980. It belongs to the Audiovisual Comunication and Publicity Department. The GRISS main target is to study the communication process in all audiovisual media, including new media and supports.

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