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J. Dávila, Bored point? How to Empower Poster Presentations, 1st Research Summer School in the School of Translation and Interpreting of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. 2009.
J. Dávila, Fronteras interiores, 2009 annual Festival of International Books & Arts. Spanish Symposium: Fronteras del siglo XXI.The University of Texas Panamerican, Edinburgh. 2009.
J. Dávila, Translation of Advertising. Where are we? Where have we been?, Instituto Cervantes of New York, New York. 2008.
J. Dávila, Translation and the Fourth. A Peircean Account on Impossibility, IV American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association bi-annual conference. El Paso. 2008.
J. Dávila, Traducción y herencia, Annual Céfiro Conference of Hispanic Literary and Cultural Studies. Texas Tech University. 2007.
J. Dávila, Teaching Translation Today: Challenges and Pedagogical Practices. Teaching translation to heritage students, The American Translator’s Association Annual Conference. New Orleans. 2006.
J. Dávila, El traductor en el siglo XXI, Instituto Cervantes of New York. New York. 2006.


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