Transmedia Catalonia

TransMedia Catalonia is a group of UAB researchers led by Dr. Pilar Orero. TransMedia Catalonia studyies various aspects of audiovisual translation (dubbing, subtitling, voiceovers, video games, etc.) and accessibility to the media (subtitles for the deaf for the deaf and hard of hearing, audio description, respeaking).

TransMedia has its origin in a group founded in 2004 at international level involving two members of the local group. The local group is a consolidated group with funding (2009SGR700), previously recognized as an emerging group (SGR2005/230). It is also a recognized group within the Map of UAB Research (Code 1570, March 2, 2006).

After a period focused on descriptive research and an early stage of experimentation, TransMedia Catalonia has embarked on experimentation with technologies such as eye-tracking or speech recognition applied to audiovisual translation and accessibility to the media.In this last phase TransMedia Catalonia has integrated multiple CEPHIS researchers and has become part of the CAIAC.

TransMedia Catalonia has a Laboratory of Technologies Applied to Audiovisual Translation (LAB-TTAV) recognized by the UAB, which offers an eye-tracking and perception technology service.

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