Serveis que oferim

CEPHIS and Transmedia Catalonia offer mainly two services:

  • Electronic prototype service (LaMPES). Provided by CEPHIS. This service offers customising electronic prototypes with the additional possibility of incremental assembly (concurrent with the test provided by customers) of printed circuit boards of different formats and substrates (including flexible ones), and support of complex microelectronic components, including high density components encapsulated as BGA, CSP, etc. This service may be used by companies in certification processes in case of participation in the PCB design process.

  • Eye-tracking service (LabTav). Provided by Transmedia Catalonia. This service provides companies with the use of eye-tracking for in-house analysis and tests. The service also offers the possibility of designing tests and resulting data analysis with experts from the fields of psychology, audiovisual translation and audiovisual communication.  

CEPHIS also offers customised workshops for companies.

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